G20: Trump urges Mexico to finance wall

US President Donald Trump reiterated on Friday his desire to see Mexico finance the construction of its border wall project, before meeting with his Mexican counterpart on the sidelines of the G2O.

To the journalists who asked him, before his interview with Enrique Pena Nieto in Hamburg, Germany, if he still wanted this condition to be fulfilled, Mr. Trump replied: “Absolutely.”

The US president has repeatedly hammered out that he would build a wall along the 3,142-kilometer border between the United States and Mexico in order to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

However, the US Congress has refused for the time being to finance the construction of this extremely expensive work, limited to releasing funds to strengthen technological surveillance.

The real battle for funding will take place for the next budget, the year 2018, which will begin on October 1st.

Before the meeting of the two heads of state in the margins of the G20, Mr Pena Nieto made a statement expressing the hope that their interview would help to continue the “fluid dialogue” of the two countries ” Our two nations and our borders “.

“Responsibility for the fight against organized crime is a shared responsibility,” he added.

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