Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois had it easy

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois did not throw himself into the lions’ den by going to Everybody’s talking about it . The new Messiah of Québec solidaire could only make a good impression Sunday night, with a certain charisma and a tone less provocative than in his speech last Thursday.
What to break with the radical image that follows him since Spring Maple? Without denying his past, he says he has changed and matured. “I was very good in 2012 to say what I did not want. I think today I’m a little better to say what I want, “he said. To see what wood he heats, we would have liked to see him confronted more. There was no mention of his declaration on the political class that “betrayed Quebec”, decried by several since Thursday, nor of his hesitation to create alliances with the Parti Québécois.
The prospect of “making the 400 political coups” with Manon Massé as co-spokesperson of Quebec solidarily enthusiasm enormously. “As a political duo, I could not dream of a partner who was as effective and honest as Manon Massé.” The former student leader acknowledged that the party would have to make efforts to convince the silent majority to have more candidates elected . He deplored the fact that it was the right-wing that had addressed the middle class in recent years. “We convince people who make $ 60,000 that their stagnation is due to people who make $ 25,000 a year. And the people who say that to them are people who make $ 300,000 a year. We will not name names, “he said, certainly targeting radio presenters.
The card of the king’s madman: “We know that you are able to sink maple in the spring, now let’s see if you have enough sap to produce syrup year round.”
Julien Clerc’s visit, which had not been announced, because he was in Live from the universe the day before; It would have been a surprise. Warmly welcomed, the French singer, who seemed a little extinct, celebrates 50 years of career. He chose to entrust to his fans the choice of the 43 songs of his album compilation, Fans, I love you . His wife and he, who are nearly 30 years old, still vowed. “I do not have the easy tutoiement in life,” says this great melodist, who never wanted to write songs.
He was singing on the Plains on the evening of the attack on Nice. It was his friend Robert Charlebois who taught him the bad news just before he went on stage. We saw Julien Clerc singing Useful to the tribute to the victims, a very touching sequence.
Rose of shyness as her dress before Julien Clerc, the adorable Julie Le Breton told the singer to become a woman listening to her songs. And dreaming of meeting a man who spoke equally well to women. She will be the naughty nurse in Flying over a Cuckoo’s Nest at the Green Curtain. And yes, she will play on stage the scene of strangulation, counting on a Mathieu Quesnel who strangles “with delicacy”.
For the series Victor Lessard Club illico, she wore “big babes of guys” to masculinize, but did not go as far as gaining weight, as the character of the novel; The actress also turned on other plates. Do we always see the same faces on TV? “I do not see myself stopping to be able to leave room for someone else,” says the 41-year-old actress, who adds that a singer is not asked to stop singing to let another sing .
In the “inspiring interview” category, a great meeting with players Caroline Ouellette and Ann-Sophie Bettez and their assistant coach Lisa-Marie Breton, who won the Clarkson Cup for the Montreal Canadiens. Unfortunately, women’s hockey still lacks visibility despite its successes. “We’re tired of that. We must continue to fight, we must say so that it changes, “says Caroline Ouellette. She pointed out that the Clarkson Cup final was broadcast live on English-language television, but only a few days later in French and late evening.
Women play by pure passion; Not only do they not live, but they are not paid to play hockey. At 37, Caroline Ouellette begins to think about retirement. If she goes back to the Games, she could be a coach. His team of girls went to the final of the Quebec Pee-Wee Tournament.
The Metropolitan Opera had the same leader for 40 years. His new music director, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, will become sole master on board in 2020, at a time when the Met’s assistance is falling. Music is much less taught than before in schools, which may explain the disinterest of the new generation. The conductor of the Orchester Métropolitain for 17 years is excited to take part in the Happy Feast Show Montreal , hosted by Guy A. Lepage, where his orchestra will serve as a house band for artists from all walks of life.
Fifth master perfumer in 190 years of the Guerlain house, Thierry Wasser travels all over the world to find the best ingredients in his perfumes, with the essential collaboration of farmers. For Rose pearly desert, he went as far as Iran. Do not present him with blotting paper, he tests his first tests on himself. “Perfume is life, and I wear it on the skin,” says this fine nose. The muse of the newborn, Mon Guerlain: Angelina Jolie, “found in the Yellow Pages”, joked Mr. Wasser.

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