Gary Oldman will shoot a film “the Flying horse”

Гари Олдман снимет фильм "Летающий конь"

And no, it’s not about the Pegasus. It is about the English photographer Edward Maybridzha, who invented the first device for projecting films.

“Flying horse” (“Flying Horse”) not to Oldman’s directorial debut, but it will be only the second breakdown in as producer. Also the actor is planning to do in your project the main role.

Eadweard muybridge studied movement and, in particular, the movement of animals, trying to capture it on film. In his experiments he came to a phased photographing horses on the run. He used multiple cameras.

In the end Maybridzh invented zoopraksiskop apparatus showing the movement of animals over time with a significant number of separate images. It was his device helped to resolve the dispute regarding the “flying horse”: one side argued that a galloping horse for a brief second, he tears from the ground all four legs, and the other is that at least one leg of the horse always stays on the ground while running. With the help of zoopraksiskop it was proved that the horse during the canter really “flies”.

However, a successful career as a photographer Maybridzh traded on a personal vendetta. After learning that my beloved wife flora was cheating on him, Maybridzh figured out and killed her lover. However, the court photographer was acquitted.

Currently Gary Oldman is also in talks about participating in the new film by Steven Soderbergh called “Laundry” — a political Thriller about the so-called “Panama”. We will remind, this year the actor won the “Oscar” for the role of Winston Churchill in the biopic “the Dark times”.