“GAZ group” started production of two new truck models

The company “GAZ Group” announced about the start of serial production of two new truck models. Talking about medium-duty truck “Lawn NEXT” full weight 10 tons and “GAZelle NEXT” total weight of 4.6 tons.


Relevant information was spread by press service of the manufacturer. New items are designed to close certain positions in the Russian segment of commercial trucks, the report says. While both models have a high export potential.

“Gazon NEXT 10” has a capacity of 5.9 tonnes. It is on the platform of this truck will be collected whole model line, which is designed for use in municipal and road services, in agriculture, in different fields of business.

As for the “GAZelle NEXT at 4.6”, it is based on the Russian best-seller “the GAZelle NEXT is a 3.5”, which Assembly is carried out for four years. The model has received a new independent front and rear suspension, spacious cabin, reinforced construction, etc.