Gelinas to launch in Mexico

Karl Gelinas is no longer a member of the Capitales de Quebec. The Quebec pitcher is officially part of the Pericos de Puebla, with whom he will begin the new season of the La Liga Mexicana de Beisbol on Friday.
“Yes! I signed my contract and have been confirmed! “Revealed Gélinas au Soleil on Monday in a Quebec-Mexico exchange of messages. The artilleryman leaves a 10-year association with the independent club of Quebec, at least for now.
Seven weeks before the opening match of the Capitals, May 18. Many things can happen by then in a Mexican League reputed to be fast on the trigger.
But for now, the manager of the Pericos, the former Philadelphia Phillies star player, Von Hayes, decides to trust Gelinas. His two departures from training camp, where he was trying, were more than convincing. In seven innings, he gave only one run and six hits.
The 33-year-old right-hander is expected to play again on Tuesday in his team’s final preparatory match. “But only one or two rounds, the question of reorganizing the rotation for the start of the season,” which starts on March 31, he explains.
Out of stock
His first official start in Mexico would be scheduled for Thursday, April 6, in Veracruz, fifth regular schedule of the Pericos. “I had to deal with a dead arm lately. This is explained by the fact that by coming here at the last minute, my preparation has been precipitated and carried out with the aim of impressing … “he reveals, he who has only a few By taking the place first offered to his friend Éric Gagné.
Manager Hayes and pitching instructor Lancaster nevertheless seem convinced that the Quebecker will be successful in the Pericos uniform in 2017. “They were not reluctant, more worried about whether I was injured. But I do not feel any pain or discomfort, my arm is just a little tired. And it’s already much better! They will give me time to recover before my first start, “says the one who has already inherited the nickname Gelatina from his Spanish-speaking teammates.
The Pericos defend their first championship in 30 years, after their triumph at the Serie del Rey (Serie of the King) last September. The campaign therefore extends over six months and will bring back $ 40,000 to Gélinas if it completes it, nearly double what it would have received both as veteran player and instructor of the launchers with the Capitals this year.
The League of Mexico also provides it with greater visibility than the Can-Am League to the affiliated or Asian baseball recruiters, due to the presence in the circuit of several players having already evolved in the major leagues.
In 10 seasons and almost 1,000 innings (923.2) thrown into the Capitals uniform, Gélinas compiled a record of 66-40 and a deserved average of 3.12 for 712 strikeouts and 152 ball goals . He had previously spent four years in the subsidiaries of the Angels of Los Angeles, which gives him at this time 200 departures in the professional ranks.

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