General Staff announces fourth wave of mobilization that will last up to two months

According to the head of the General Staff, the next wave of partial mobilization last 1.5-2 months.
Due to prolonged fighting in eastern Ukraine was necessary to carry out another wave of mobilization. On December 16 it was announced at a press conference the head of the General Staff of Ukraine, Colonel-General Viktor Muzhenko.

“There is a need to conduct mobilization. A partial mobilization, fourth place for the purpose of rotation of personnel, reduce mental stress on personnel training and improvement … It would take 1.5 – 2 months,” – said Muzhenko

Earlier, the Defense Ministry reported that the fourth wave of mobilizations her start next year, after the holidays.

In addition, subject to the regime of silence militants, mostly military taketh in stock, SBU and other security vidomstv.Plany on the fourth stage of mobilization korehuvatymut depending on the outcome of the negotiations that are scheduled for December in Minsk.

Recall that in Ukraine this thing has had three waves of partial mobilization.

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