Genetics: skin pigmentation of Africans harder than the Europeans

A team of geneticists from different countries conducted a study, according to which the inheritance of skin pigmentation in Africans is much more difficult than the Europeans.


To such conclusion scientists have come, having analysed the data of 400 people from the Khoisan peoples of South Africa. The study took 7 years. During this time, geneticists described their age, sex, height and skin tone. At the end of the study the collected data were compared with the existing base of 5000 people living in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Approximately 15 genes have been directly linked to changes in skin pigmentation in people that led to its characterization as a relatively simple traits. However, gathering a global overview of the quantitative pigmentation phenotypes of skin, we demonstrate that pigmentation is more complex than previously thought, and the genetic architecture varies by latitude“, – is told in results of research.


Scientists have discovered that people living closer to the equator the number of genes involved in pigmentation, is about four times greater than that of peoples living in Europe. Genetics also noted that the pigment of the skin can vary under the influence of local conditions of evolution.