Genevieve Hebert will represent the RS

Ms. Hébert, owner of the Mère Poule boutique until 2011, is now Sales Manager and Residential Construction Project Manager for Habitations Plus. She also acted as spokesperson for Main Streets for five years and participated in the organization of the Santa Claus parade.

“I am a determined woman who likes to meet challenges and serve others. I am a girl of the East and proud to be. Living in the East is a way of life. It quickly develops a sense of belonging, “she says straight away.

“It has this intelligence to convince people while having the humility to compromise,” summarizes outgoing candidate Louisda Brochu.

Priorities for the Hôtel-Dieu district? “I will take note of the files and make sure I go to the best for the fellow citizens. I want to be interested in business dynamism and diversity. Mr. Brochu put some perfume on me. ”

Ms. Hébert is aware of the presence of two other known candidates in her district. “I’ll do my own campaign. I’m not against anyone. I want to show people that I have my color. I am different from others. I liked the idea of ​​being able to debate in a team, to set up a project, not to go it alone. ”

The Sherbrooke Renewal now has 12 nominees, including seven women. “We can already talk about parity. We did not force the note. The best profiles have been selected. At a minimum, we will have equity, and maybe even more women than men. Geneviève is well anchored. She’s been a local girl for generations. She knows how to count and is able to evaluate situations. His profile is complementary to that of our other candidates. It makes things and people move. It has a dynamism that we need at the municipal council, “comments Chief Bernard Sévigny.

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“The team will be completely formed in the next week or two weeks. We will have a team up. Probably the best we’ve had so far. ”

Is the election campaign launched? “It always starts a bit early, but the real campaign will start in September. We want to allow candidates to meet with citizens during the summer. It is always a little committed because people have advanced, but it will become more intense and will increase in the fall. ”