Genprodyuser 112 Ukraine: France has supported freedom of speech in Ukraine

Генпродюсер 112 Украина: Во Франции поддержали свободу слова в Украине

The General producer “112 Ukraine” Artem Marchevsky stated that France supported the freedom of speech and are willing to stand up for the channel. About marczewski said on the air talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“In France, gave a decent estimate of what is happening. First, this is not our first trip to Europe. Oddly enough for us, it causes a great resonance in Europe, support us, we are ready to stand up. Last week came the deputies of the European Parliament from Britain to us to understand, they had scheduled several meetings, but has held only one meeting with Mr. Artemenko, head of the national Council. Others have ignored. After our last trip, the French Senator has promised to come to Kiev to investigate. She promised that if will be continued pressure on television channels, the beating of journalists will be introduced personal sanctions, as I understand against the responsible persons, against the government,” – said marczewski.

As reported, a delegation of senators and the leaders of the European journalists ‘ trade unions will arrive in Kiev to support the “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne.

We will remind, at the head of the state has registered a petition against the suppression of freedom of speech in Ukraine and using sanctions to the TV “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne.

In addition, a member of the UK Parliament, head of friendship group with the Parliament of Ukraine John Whittingdale stated that it did not support any sanctions against television channels and will personally look into the situation around, “112 Ukraina” and NewsOne.

4 October 2018, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a resolution approving the use of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) in respect of broadcasters TV channel “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne.

These restrictions “112 Ukraine” considers the infringement of freedom of speech and a threat to independent media in Ukraine, therefore, for the protection channel forced to turn to international organizations. Already sent letters to the President of the European Commission Donald Tusk, European Commissioner Federica Mogherini and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland.

Harassment in the work of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” has since its Foundation considers unacceptable and announced the cancellation of license of the TV channel and ban on the use of radio frequencies.

Later, the European Parliament has started collecting signatures under the appeal to the Verkhovna Rada with an appeal to reconsider the decision to appeal to the NSDC on the introduction of sanctions against the TV channel “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne.

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