Geologists told, where will the next change of the poles of the Earth

Геологи рассказали, где произойдет следующий переворот полюсов Земли

Geologists have studied the fluctuations in the strength of the magnetic field of the Earth over the last two thousand years and came to the conclusion that the next revolution of its poles will occur in the special “magic point” on the territory of South Africa, said in an article published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

“Now we know that this point was unusually low a few times before the start of field weakening, and that is part of a longer oscillation of the Earth’s poles,” said John Tarduno (John Tarduno) from the University of Rochester (USA).
According to him, it remains to be seen whether the process to a complete revolution.

Two years ago, Tarduno and his colleagues made a discovery – they found a magnetic anomaly in South Africa from the banks of the Limpopo river, where the field strength fell sharply and was reduced to critically low values in the XIII-XVI centuries. It is pointed out that the upheavals of the Earth’s poles do not occur randomly, but at specific points with anomalous properties.

It made the team Tarduno to check any changes in the strength of the magnetic field in this point and in other periods in antiquity, the middle ages and the last two centuries. To do this, geologists have used the same technique that helped them to make the first opening.

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