Gerard Deltell bet on Erin O’Toole

Deputy Gerard Deltell finally chose the one he sees best placed to lead the Conservative troops: he puts on Erin O’Toole.
The support of the Quebec member, who quickly built a solid reputation since his arrival on the hill in Ottawa, was strongly solicited.
At a press conference in Ottawa on Friday morning, Gérard Deltell spoke at length about the military background of the candidate for leadership, an asset he said was major in his decision to support him.
The elect of Louis-Saint-Laurent is the first member of the Quebec deputation to stand behind Erin O’Toole.
The Ontario candidate’s French language is still fairly hesitant, but Gérard Deltell described it as “perfect”.
He argued that Quebeckers do not expect a leader to express himself in French without an accent.
The candidate who has won the most support in the Quebec legislature is former House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer. He convinced Pierre Paul-Hus, Alain Rayes, Sylvie Boucher and Luc Berthold to join him.
The Beauceron Maxime Bernier has rallied two, Alupa Clarke and Jacques Gourde.
The leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada has a total of 14 candidates.
Stephen Harper’s successor at the helm of the party will be known on May 27.

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