Gerashchenko: IN ORDA coordinator of the OSCE SMM Frisch was able to meet less than half of the hostages from the list

Геращенко: В ОРДЛО координатору СММ ОБСЕ Фришу удалось встретиться менее, чем с половиной заложников из списка

In prisons ORDO coordinator of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE Toni Frisch of the 17 requested by the Ukrainian side of the hostages, called for less than half, as in Lugansk, he arranged a meeting, with the wrong people, as requested by Kiev. This was at the briefing said the first Deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the representative of the Humanities group at the talks in Minsk, Irina Gerashchenko, reports “Interfax”.

“From the list that we gave to Mr. Frisch, he was found less than a half. He was found with 10. But among them were some whom we have not filed,” – said Gerashchenko.

She stressed that this list was of names that for the Ukrainian side it was crucial that Frisch visited them.

“Unfortunately, in Luhansk, and the situation is worse than in Donetsk. Gave to meet with those people about whom we have serious grounds to think that they are being tortured,” – said Gerashchenko.

“If in Donetsk, Mr. Frisch was given the opportunity to visit the military who have long been in the occupied territories, illegally detained in prisons. Have you heard of Stanislav Aseev…in Lugansk, the situation is completely different – he showed, as he rightly said, the criminals who were convicted before 2014. But our soldiers, who for two years held in isolation it did not show” – said Gerashchenko.

Earlier it was reported that the coordinator of the humanitarian subgroup Frisch planned a trip to ORLO. It was planned that he will visit Vladislav Ovcharenko and Denis Skackova, and put the question on the whereabouts of the journalist Stanislav Aseev.

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