Gerashchenko said that the coalition will not support Lutsenko’s resignation

Геращенко заявила, что коалиция не поддержит отставку Луценко

The Pro-government parliamentary coalition will not support the resignation of Yuri Lutsenko from the post of General Prosecutor of Ukraine. This was from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada said the first Vice-speaker Irina Gerashchenko, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“I want to pay attention to the following: obviously, we are all grateful to the law enforcement bodies managed to find the killers, but at the same time we are not let’s be honest, if you don’t recognize that the issue of Ukrainian security is today one of the key challenges. Indeed, we would want law enforcement from all law enforcement agencies greater attention to the prevention, whoever it touches all Ukrainians. But the obvious truth is, that journalists and activists are at particular risk, and at the same time, we need you as legislators to contact our colleagues from the security forces and to ask: if something depends on strengthening the functions of investigation or other law, which will give more tools today security forces to ensure that normal work we have to do it. Not to quarrel, but to do our homework,” said Vice-speaker.

“We – the Pro-government coalition do not support the resignation of Yuri Lutsenko. I now turn to the Chairman of Parliament to put to the vote and we will see that the coalition will not allow it to vote,” she added.

Note, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy put on signal a vote of support for the resignation of Lutsenko. “For” voted only 38 deputies.

Геращенко заявила, что коалиция не поддержит отставку Луценко

Earlier today, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko during a speech in Parliament announced their intention to resign. According to Lutsenko, today he will appeal to the President. Deputies he was called to consider the question of resignation this week.

Yuriy Lutsenko was appointed attorney-General on 12 may 2016. The Verkhovna Rada votes 264 people’s deputies supported the draft resolution on his appointment. The document in the session hall was signed by the President Petro Poroshenko.

Prior to this, adopted the law on the Prosecutor General’s office, which changed the requirements for a candidate for attorney General. According to the bill, a candidate for attorney General must have a University degree, not necessarily legal, and work experience in law or legislation and/or law enforcement on not less than five years, speak the state language, to have high moral, business, professional qualities and organizational skills. Thus, there is a perception that this law was passed solely for the purpose of appointment to the post of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

As reported, on 4 November it became known that on 34-m to year of life has died the adviser of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk, which was doused with sulphuric acid in July of this year. Because of this in Parliament the day before demanded proper investigation into the attack on the activist, including the creation of the temporary investigative Commission of the Parliament. At noon today in Parliament, it’s the management of GPU, SBU and the national police for a report on the investigation of the case. According to Lutsenko, of involvement in ordering the attack on Gandzyuk suspected 12 people. This information he said before about your resignation.

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