German automaker Porsche is not going to abandon diesel engines

Немецкий автопроизводитель Porsche не собирается отказываться от дизельных двигателей

Porsche is investing billions in its future electric models, but it does not says it is willing now to abandon gasoline and diesel engines. In fact, according to the Chairman of the company, Oliver Blum, the company said that it plans to retain internal combustion engines, as they will be an integral part of the automotive industry into the next decade. Moreover, Porsche believe that diesel engine even has the right to life.

Blum gave an interview to the press service of Porsche, which explained the philosophy of the plan of the Porsche Strategy 2025. On the question of whether the decision to abandon in the near future from the diesel engine, he replied: “the Porsche develops and manufactures its own diesel engines and has no plans in the future to change this policy in the future. However, there is no reason to suddenly take and give up diesel fuel.”

This is a very simple explanation is that diesel engines typically produce less CO2 emissions than gasoline and they make an important contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the company in respect of CO2. Despite the fact that the share of diesel versions of the new Porsche cars is worldwide, about 14%, there are regions where customers are literally addicted to the diesel engines.

“There are many markets, for example, in southern Europe, where people do not really understand the discussions in Germany about the future of diesel fuel. There is 80% of buyers are choosing diesel cars,” explains Blum.

But, in the end, Porsche and all other manufacturers completely switched to electricity. Of course, it will not happen overnight and Blum predicted that the last internal combustion engine of the Porsche will be released sometime in 2030. Technical, production and purely economic reasons do not allow to switch to electric vehicles faster.