German diplomat: Russia does not recognize defeat in the Donbass

Wolfgang Ishynger
Wolfgang Ishynger

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has long outgrown the war, says Wolfgang Ishynger. Time for a peaceful resolution of the situation is not enough.
  Ex-broker in the Ukrainian crisis Wolfgang Ishynґer
Ex-broker in the Ukrainian crisis Wolfgang Ishynґer
Chairman of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ishynger believes that the conflict in Ukraine should be solved through negotiations involving the United States and the EU, because NATO does not want war in Ukraine. This German diplomat said in an interview with German newspaper Stern, the short version is vykladana on Wednesday, September 3. According to former agent of the OSCE settlement Ukrainian crisis is necessary to achieve a ceasefire, which means “great compromise” for Ukraine.
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According Ishynґera, is Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine sells power politics in violation of international law. “The government in Kiev has to accept that it can not achieve its objectives in Eastern Ukraine by military means. Therefore that Russia will not accept military defeat at the Donbass, and Putin has more influence” – the Ishynґer.
Ishynґer also considers it possible to engage in negotiations separatists. “The diplomats were involved in more complex cases than separatists in Donbass” – Ishynґer said, recalling his work during the Yugoslav crisis. However, the diplomat said that the time for peaceful solutions limited. “The ice on which we go is still pretty thin,” – he said.
Recall this week in Minsk held a trilateral meeting of the contact group to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine. In addition to representatives of the OSCE, Russia and Ukraine, it was also attended by representatives of the self-proclaimed “DNR” and “FSC.” The next meeting to be held September 5.

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