Gilles’brien joins the Journal

Gilles Brien se joint au Journal

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This is even more true in times like these, but 12 months by year, the weather remains a topic of discussion of choice in Quebec. It is for this reason that The Journal is pleased to announce that meteorologist Gilles’brien will sign a regular column in its pages.

You can read it today by following this link, but it will occur as often as the weather will require some explanation, which every Monday to tell us about the week.

Gilles has been working regularly in the manufacture of our pages In five minutes.

33 years in the business

Meteorologist with Environment Canada for 33 years, the outgoing president of the Association of professional meteorologists in Quebec and communicator experienced scientist, Gilles’brien has worked with several media outlets.

Specializing in biometeorology, he is the author of the best-selling Barometers humans : how the weather is affecting you (2015) and What you are not told on climate change (2017).

Gilles is also the father of two children with disabilities, adults, autism and dysphasia, which are very sensitive to weather changes.