Gillette as the defender of social justice? No, it’s just a pub

Look at this article

With its video ad thoroughly “politicized” the timing is opportune, Gillette takes on the challenge of appropriating a cause polarized to maintain its dominant position in the industry.

To win back young consumers who are moving away from, the big corporation up the fist and demanded the abolition of the masculinity toxic, even to offend a few fretful that call for the boycott of the brand.

Background images sad, shocking or touching, the manufacturer of razors urges men to not be assholes and to give a better example to the boys.

For those who have not yet received the memo, the king of the shave reminds us that :

  • Trivializing the acts and attitudes objectionable to other men, it is irresponsible.
  • Intimidate, harass, and violate it, it is wrong.

The position has the merit of being clear, but if I was cynical, I accuserais the brand owned by Procter & Gamble (Tide, Tampax, Pampers, Old Spice, etc) to do the mansplaining corporate. The tone preachy may annoy, especially coming from a company whose road map is certainly not without its spots.

  • The “tax pink” on female products
  • A report of Amnesty international of 2016 accusing one of its key suppliers to use child labour and forced labour practices
  • (And for fans of parity man-woman) A board of directors, comprising 69 % of men

To speak of masculinity that is toxic to stifle and dominate the competition

Gillette has been losing market share for 10 years (from 70% to 50 % in the United States) for the benefit of newcomers, which offer essentially the same products.

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A 37th blade or a strip moisturizer “improved” does not impress anyone anymore. Even a price drop hasn’t been enough to reverse the trend.

Of startups like Harry’s, continue to attract more and more consumers and investors. (2 % of the market and a new financing of$ 112 Million in 2018)

The choice is limited to two sleeves at Harry’s

With online sales and a range of products pared-down, this business model contrasts sharply with that of Gillette and its thick catalog of razors with the names of spacecraft : Fusion Power, Proglide, Proshield, Mach 3 Turbo…

What is a giant (and his army of marketing specialists) may, therefore, be to maintain its supremacy?

The pub sentimental, with the father who shows his son how to shave, it’s cute, but it is the already seen, of the same.

The pub manly, which promises that it is a shave near being attractive and desirable, there is definitely more in tune with the times. Even Axis has moved away from this tactic cheesy.

It is now necessary to “risk it” and take a position in order to be “viral”.

As Nike has demonstrated with Colin Kaepernick, a branding campaign for social hits in the bullseye, it can bring money and visibility.

A few hours after the dissemination of the advertising of Gillette, all the world’s media have bitten the hook. Since yesterday, they line our news feed with the brand name… free of charge! (I plead guilty)

Users also play their role in sharing and commenting on the articles, to applaud or to be indignant.

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The perfect ingredients to feed the algorithms are gathered.

Manipulate public opinion requires dexterity

Obviously, Gillette is careful not to repeat the mistakes of companies that have gone bust in the mouth by being warriors of social justice. Pepsi has played the card of the revolution half and the internet has promptly ridiculed the pathetic attempt. Featuring model Kendall Jenner, the staging of an event that runs at the feast of the district watered by the cola sounded horribly fake.

Having already produced several campaigns of its kind in the past, Procter & Gamble (parent company of Gillette) seems to have developed an expertise in branding, social that allows him to avoid this kind of trap in his new video.

The ethnic diversity, the narration and the choice of images are perfectly calibrated to optimize the support of the people favorable to the message, while not giving too much ammunition to the malcontents.

Then, congratulate the geniuses of the pub behind this beautiful “revolution,” choreographed that did nothing to change our realities.

Soon, when the time comes to renew our razor blades, we will have forgotten all about the video, but the echo of the name “Gillette” will still be noticeable in the algorithms and in our subconscious.

And all together, we will participate in the most beautiful projects of the company : to maintain the hegemony of a company that is outflank the by new players.