God Of War: a super mix of massacre and emotions

God Of War: un super mélange de massacre et d’émotions

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It’s been so long that I hadn’t had this much fun slaughtering people while having the emotions to the flower of skin and lip, lower lip trembling. In short, God of War is going to delight you and make you discover this sensitive side that you think you have managed to bury deep inside you.

Without revealing any of the plot, forget the introduction and explosive where Kratos must
farting in the mouth of a mountain of rock that spits magma.

The game immerses you immediately in a morass of heavy emotions, so much so that you câlinerez your teddy bear and will incur a small tear in the passage.

I never would have believed I could have so much compassion for Kratos, the man who walked around previously with a true harem. It may be his image of
“father strong and virile parent
“who wants at all costs to hide his emotions to his son Atreus, which means that it develops such an attachment to the old man.

Dad’s of war

Speaking of Atreus…

Although this famous son I broke the ears at the beginning of the game (you see, the “typical” 10 year old child that screams “Attention! Behind you!” every 5 seconds?), I got quickly attached.

I admit, I was especially afraid of playing at “the Guardian warned of War”, but, over time, we are surprised to want to take Atreus in his arms and squeeze it hard while trying to say to Kratos”
Awaye! Tell him! Do what! “.



It is a gift’ “ben” beautiful!

Technically speaking, the game was close to perfection.

The graphics are breathtaking and the
motion-capture is extraordinary; to raise the hair on the arms!

The team behind
God Of War has succeeded in this as many games of the new generation still fail to do: read what the character is feeling at key moments of the game.

God Of War: un super mélange de massacre et d’émotions

The transition from the cutscenes to the game almost without a break, giving the impression that the developers have finally put their energy in the right places.

Can also not miss the grandeur of the landscapes, mountains and lakes hiding monsters and behemoths to the small detail of the birch bark, which detaches itself from the trunk.

Moreover, they have been able to mount a technical evolution of the two characters without having to fall into the complexity!

The right tools, the right experience

God Of War: un super mélange de massacre et d’émotions

Despite a tree of techniques limited, one feels that one really has all the tools in hand to push Kratos and Atreus to the maximum and thus inflict great injury of the enemy.

The tutorial at the beginning is, moreover, amply welcome to explain each small improvement to unlock it.

A plus: the material and the money accumulate easily in the course of the adventure. It is not enough to knock the vases and boxes on his way.

Become a “complétionniste” paranoid

God Of War: un super mélange de massacre et d’émotions

“Oh, no, it was pétable?!” This is going to be said by starting the game!

If you do not have the habit of “gosser” in the corners, do so! The phrase “Have I missed something?” before moving on to the next world, will always haunt you.

You become paranoid when you discover the “little cossin is hidden beneath the obvious in the corner there,” and that there 51 to pick it up!

And what about the side quests! You really for your money!

Each zone unlocks quests where we wonder what it takes to defeat a possible keeper. At least, in most cases, there is a way to return on his steps without too much to bite the fingers.

Stable control

God Of War: un super mélange de massacre et d’émotions

Take control of Kratos and Atreus is rather easy.

We learn quickly the role of the son and we thank him quickly to the help that is offered to Kratos.

In addition, difficult to forget the combos possible, as these appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Ideal for heads in the air (like me)!

It also manages to wield the axe and aiming with the joystick very easily, even if it is a bit more tiring for a person who is used to the mouse (like me)!

In short, the gameplay is very innate.

Feel monitored

Throughout the story, the feeling of being followed and monitored on a us route.

One quickly feels that Kratos and his son are not in their place… it must be said that we find ourselves in the land of the norse gods and, therefore, very far from Olympus!

Also, hats off to Kratos, who was not cold in the land of the ice. His small nipples pointed, them, tell, however, another story!

A success very 2018

Mine nothing, it is often forgotten in this kind of game there is a story behind it.

In spite of all her mythology,
God Of War is, essentially, a series where you control a great man with big arms that has a strong cry and that like this the ladies. And it is precisely the contrary in this new opus.

We find a Kratos to be more calm and confused in its role of parent now has only one goal: to protect her son.

Is this, finally,
God of War is a story as captivating as sensitive? I think yes!

At the time where showing emotion is less and less taboo, the new face of Kratos brings a wind of change is in those games that were too often synonymous of testosterone, sex, and violence.

I believe that Santa Monica Studio has won the bet, revealing to us a world a little more tricky.

Note : 10/10