Good news for Donald Trump

The US president congratulated Wednesday on the victory of the Republican candidate in a partial legislative election in Congress, which he interpreted as a vote of confidence for his policy, despite his record unpopularity.

Republican Karen Handel beat Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff on Tuesday in a Georgian state constituency that has been in the hands of Republicans since 1979. It was the fourth by-election in the House of Representatives since Donald took office Trump, each time in conservative fiefs. And each time, the Republican won.

“Democrats would do better as a party if they cooperated with the Republicans on health, tax cuts, and security. The obstruction does not work! “Tweeted the American leader Wednesday, after writing several other tweets of celebrations on Tuesday night.

His sons and supporters were ironic about the money swallowed up by the Democrats in this short campaign, boasting unrestrainedly about their good electoral series.

The Republican party saw in these results a sign that its basic voters had not let it go, despite a small legislative assessment (no major law passed) and an executive in turmoil, entangled in the investigation into a possible collusion between the Campaign of candidate Trump and Russia, and on a possible hindrance to justice committed by the President of the United States.

If these problems are not dispelled, the victory of Karen Handel calms the game anyway when other crucial political deadlines approach.

On Thursday in the Senate, the Republican leaders will unveil the new version of their great law reforming the health system, both promised but facing strong resistance within their camp.

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And it was also expected that the Supreme Court ruled on the migration decree signed on 6 March by Donald Trump but suspended by federal justice. The Government has requested an urgent review in the hope that the highest judicial authority in the country will allow it to temporarily close the borders to refugees and nationals of six countries.

It is unclear whether or when the Court will accept this matter.

Democratic Deception

The Democratic defeat of Tuesday in Georgia, as well as South Carolina, Kansas and Montana in recent months, was interpreted as a half-full glass by the opposition, because in each election the Democrats did better than ‘before.

In this riding of Georgia, Jon Ossoff obtained 48.1% of the votes; Last November, the Democratic candidate made 38%, and Hillary Clinton 47%.

But a part of the left bitterly emphasized that the Democratic party had failed because it had not yet engaged its strategic re-founding after the defeat last November.

The Republicans hammered that Jon Ossoff would only be the pawn of Nancy Pelosi, the 77-year-old Californian who has led the House Democratic Group for 15 years and remains at all costs. The right depicts him as an ultra-progressive San Francisco disconnected from the reality of the country.

Nor is the strategic positioning of the Democrats clarified. At the Congress, elected officials oscillate between the frontal opposition to Donald Trump, the denunciation of the Russian affair and a social and economic message.

Many want to take advantage of the battle over health reform to “sink” Donald Trump. They are convinced that the partial abolition of the emblematic “Obamacare” law, and the consequent loss of health cover, would mean the death of the Republicans in the legislative elections of November 2018, during which the whole House and one third of the Senate will be renewed.

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“We spent too much time talking about Russia,” Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said on MSNBC Wednesday. “It has diverted us from the real difference between Trump and the Democrats, which is about the economy.”