Good samaritans help a man injured

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A resident of Saint-Jérôme is injured at the hand received the help of good samaritans to clear snow on his entry after having published a call for assistance on Facebook Wednesday.

Thomas Tranchemontagne, 39, has well-tried to clear his entry on Wednesday. But because of an operation on the right hand requiring several stitches, he soon realized that this would be impossible.


It has therefore published a call to all on Spotted Saint-Jerome to find a good samaritan who would give him a hand.

“I was not expecting a response as strong. It has degenerated in the right direction”, he says.

Brandon Dee Lagacé, 20, and his friend Brandon Lalonde were the first to be volunteered. At the insistence of Mr. Tranchemontagne, they have accepted a dinner and a few dollars in exchange for their service.

In the right way

“It is good for the karma,” said Mr. Lagacé.

The young man works precisely to remove the snow from roofs. He says he has had trouble with the law in the past year, and wishes now to get in the right path thanks to the inspiration of his girlfriend.

At the time when The Journal spoke to him, he was in the process of snow removal for the entry of other citizens, who have received other requests in the day.

Mr. Tranchemontagne has published a video on Facebook yesterday to thank the two young men for their generosity. It elicited the congratulations of many internet users.

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