Google launched a Doodle to honor the 131 years of punch

Search engine Google has launched a Doodle in honor of the 131 th anniversary of the patent for the hole puncher. November 14, 1886 for the device to register the Frederick Zinnecker – German merchant and inventor, Creator of a school pen, font Rundschrift, fountain pen with Golden feather and non-oxidizing prototype folder-Registrar.


To mark important and interesting dates, Google since 1998 stylize your logo under people, unusual objects and landscapes, enter its name in themed animation. These cards-called Doodle stylization. Pointing to the picture of the cursor, you can see what it is dedicated, by clicking on it to learn more about important people or events.

Today the hero of a new animated Doodle from Google has become a hole punch. On the background of the logo letters lined with “confetti” from the pierced hole, the device perforates a sheet of paper. He comes to life and dances.

Similar stationery object, long before the patent Sennecey, was used by the philosopher Immanuel Kant. To attach the paper, he punched holes in them with a diameter of 11.6 mm. the current standard of 6 mm.

In addition to the punch, make 2 holes in the world that produce the device for 1 and 4 holes. Hole punch, Swedish standard – triohalning, leaves on paper, 4 holes at a distance of 21 mm, 70 mm and 21 mm.