Government wants more specialized nurse practitioners

The Government of Quebec wants the cohort of specialized nurse practitioners (IPS) to gradually increase so that the province counts 2000 by 2024-2025.
To achieve this goal, he prepared a game plan which was made public by the Minister of Health and Social Services, Gaetan Barrette and his colleague responsible for Higher Education, Hélène David, on Sunday.
These politicians indicated that 100 people had registered to become IPS in 2016-2017.
They then pointed out that the number of registrations will increase gradually to 270 from 2021-2022.
Then, this number will be maintained for each school year, until 2024-2025.
Mr. Barrette and Ms. David also mentioned that every effort will be made to ensure that all newly trained nurse practitioners have access to an internship as well as a position at the end of their academic journey.
The vice-president of the Interprofessional Federation of Health of Quebec, Nancy Bédard, considers that what has been announced by the Quebec government is very laudable.
Tone up with doctors
On the other hand, she maintains that Gaétan Barrette will have to tighten the tone with many doctors who show little receptiveness to the idea of ​​letting the IPS play their role fully.
“They are often unable to fully exercise their profession. So when they come out of school and come into a practice where they feel they are doing pretty much the same job as before, it’s not very, very interesting, “says Ms. Bédard.
Currently, eight Quebec universities offer the training program for future nurse practitioners.
These health care workers can not only do the traditional gestures for nurses, but also some medical procedures.
Among other things, they are allowed to prescribe examinations such as blood formulas and certain medications such as anticoagulants.

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