GP Ukrspirt restores its production capacity and opens the food network

To restore confidence in state enterprise as a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages – a goal for ourselves in the SE “Ukrspirt.” Company representatives tell: for 2018, they regained their production capacity, gradually implement export projects and open food network.

“These successive steps implemented during 2018, show that indeed today the company exists, shows a good momentum of growth to the development and promotion of domestic brands, reduced credibility of the enterprise. This is our initiative today with the slogan “buy Ukrainian”, is our contribution to the development of Ukrainian industry”, – said acting Director of “Ukrspirt” Yuri Luchechko.

Experts say Ukraine is gradually adopts the experience of European countries, where the state of the food network sometimes are in greater demand than private. For example, in some Scandinavian countries, there is even a state monopoly on the retail sale of alcohol.

“Ukraine is the General news, so it is quite interesting that in such a period and such conservative organizations as “Ukrspirt”, is to experiment. The state should stimulate primarily the sale and payment of taxes and excise duty first of all of Ukrainian production”, – says CEO of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

In “Ukrspirt” have serious intentions to promote Ukrainian products abroad. Now were exported the third batch of vodka in the German food retail chain, also plans to exit the UK market.

ГП Укрспирт восстанавливает свои производственные мощности и открывает продовольственную сеть

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