Green Day, the war machine

Green Day is a real war machine when it comes to igniting an arena full of admirers. The Californian band has once again proved its effectiveness thanks to a Billie Joe Armstrong in great form, a generous list of songs from all his repertoire and the surges of flames, explosions and crowd animations to which he accustomed us .
It’s been 30 years since Green Day rolls its bump. However, this tour is not a nostalgic birthday tour, and the band faces the audience with the same youthful energy and the same kind of madness that made it possible to make their mark.
It is almost forgotten that the detoxification of Billie Joe forced them to postpone many shows of the last tour.
Surrounded by Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool, multi-instrumentalist Jason Freese and Jeff Matika and Jason White on guitars, the singer jumped, ran, yelled, chanted, dragging the crowd into his delirium worthy of a giant vacation camp Thematic punk rock. He pulled out his usual tricks (water hose, t-shirt rifle, oh oh oh, hey hey hey) with the enthusiasm of a six-year-old kid. Three spectators came to join him on stage to sing. The guitarist of the day, pregnant, left with the guitar of Billie Joe.
While the singer pointed out to a fan who was filming that “during this time, he did not watch the show for real”, the band’s team was busy relaying the photos taken by the spectators on the Facebook page Green Day LIVE on tour. Let’s say that Green Day has become master of the art of including spectators in every possible and unimaginable way, both in the room and on social networks. “We need to be more united, to have fewer lies and corruption. I want love! “Launched Billie Joe in one of his calls for communion, which punctuated many” Kwébeccc! “.
They drew all their material, with brief winks to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, placing several tracks from their most recent album Revolution Radio at the beginning of the program, but also doing plunges in 1994 with When I Come Around and Basket Case .
Without Billie Joe, who unleashes a tremendous amount of energy on stage, an energy he communicates to the public in a hundredfold, we admit that it would probably have been difficult to hold on till the end of the two-and-a-half hours of performance. Nearly twenty-five songs, not to mention the recall, is what is called a marathon.
Against Me!
We really got a 100% American punk rock party. In the first part, Against Me! – formed just ten years after Green Day, in 1997 – chained the pieces with great reinforcement of fast rhythms. The transgender Laura Jane Grace, who gave her advice on a new measure by the Trump administration in an article published on the same day by Rolling Stone magazine , did not extend to the microphone and the six strings. Subject on stage. Instead, she put her energy in the execution of her songs (with evocative titles like Fuck my life 666 or Delicate, Petite & Other Things I’ll Never Be , in front of a drawing that recalled the iconic mouth of the Rocky Horror Picture Show .

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