Green vehicles: Quebec revises its purchase aid program

The Government of Québec is reviewing its program to assist in the purchase of “green” vehicles. Buyers of luxury “rechargeable hybrid vehicles” will no longer benefit from the government rebate introduced a few years ago.
Currently, financial assistance for the purchase of an electric vehicle can reach $ 8,000. According to information from the Sun , it will no longer pay for the purchase of models costing $ 75,000 or more in 2018 and beyond.
It was at this $ 75,000 threshold that the line was drawn between a “luxury” vehicle and another that is not.
Those who deal with these matters in the government agree with others that this assistance is not a determining factor for the person willing and able to acquire a vehicle costing $ 90,000 or $ 160,000; That it will acquire it anyway if it is the one it covets.
In fact, the subsidies would not be credible. The aid granted is higher in Ontario, but fewer electric cars are driven there than in Quebec, it is reported.
It explains that the money saved on these luxury vehicles will help meet subsidy requests from buyers of green vehicles under $ 75,000, which are more likely to drive on our roads.
The announcements and details regarding the Electric Ride program will come in some time.
Attention is drawn to this aspect: for the moment, it has been decided that financial assistance will no longer be granted for the purchase of vehicles costing $ 75,000 in the “plug-in hybrid” category. The issue remains under consideration for vehicles in the “all-electric” category.
Until proven otherwise, the subsidy would remain for cars like the Tesla Model S or Model X, even if they are worth over $ 75,000. These cars would still qualify because they are all electric.
In the category of “plug-in hybrid vehicles” of more than $ 75,000 – for which no more subsidies will be paid out, therefore – are models such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.
Even though they are “plug-in hybrids”, cars like the Chevrolet Volt or the Ford C-Max-Energi will still qualify for the subsidy as they cost less than $ 75,000.
Clarification: if aid for the purchase of luxury ‘all electric’ vehicles was also revised, it would remain intact for all those worth less than $ 75,000. Cars such as the Nissan Leaf, the Bolt or the Kia Soul EV would still be eligible.
What is targeted are the cars that only well-off citizens can acquire, it is said. It is now accepted that the program will be reviewed for luxury “rechargeable hybrids”. If it were to be for the “wholly electric” luxury, a working hypothesis is that, for this category, the aids are reduced rather than eliminated.
Under the current Ride Electric program, the purchase rebate is $ 8,000 for all-electric vehicles.
For rechargeable hybrid vehicles, $ 500, $ 4,000 or $ 8,000 are available. The amount varies depending on the capacity of the electric battery.
Also under the current program, buyers of basic hybrid vehicles are entitled to $ 500.

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