Grimchak: Ukraine has all chances to win courts against Russia

Гримчак: У Украины есть все шансы выиграть суды против России

The Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories Yury Grimchak considers that Ukraine has all the chances to win all courts in which she takes actions against Russia. This Grimchak declared on the talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“We had a great example of Georgia. They immediately filed in all courts. What ended? Lost. We have no decisions of the courts. We have the court’s decision, according to which “Gazprom” and its property here arrested in Ukraine, according to the decision of our courts. It’s a different story. Therefore, today Ukraine went the right way, – it is long, it’s true. But we have a chance to win all the courts, in which we serve. We have the evidence base that we serve. I’ll tell you more – the first time the Russian aggression in Ukraine, on the territory of ORDO was recognized in December 2017, after the General Prosecutor’s office in the Hague have provided all the documents. And six months later, they came to the conclusion that a military conflict on the territory ORDO has all the hallmarks of the international. After that, a lot has changed,” said Mr. Hrymchak.

We remind that the Arbitration court in the Hague had earlier come to the conclusion that Russia is responsible for violations of the rights of Ukrainian investors and must reimburse their companies for the losses due to the annexation of Crimea in the amount of 159 million dollars.

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