Groisman instructed to continue the implementation of the GOS, despite the court’s decision

Гройсман поручил продолжить внедрение ГСН, несмотря на решение суда

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman instructed to continue the implementation of the new state building standards (GOS) “Planning and building of territories”, which entered into force on 1 September, despite the decision of the Kyiv district administrative court which suspended the operation of the relevant order. He said this at a government meeting, reports

“There are a number of desires. Someone wants to leave everything as it was. In the old way. Individual cases and judicial decisions, compromising hundreds of honest and fair decisions. But it is necessary to restore order in the country. And all must be combined for this purpose. We can be 50-100 times more efficient,” – said the Prime Minister.

However, he stressed that housing construction need to change the standards and introduce standards that are developed with the involvement of wide expert circle and the public.

“If you, the citizens, see that the houses are built, and with them, not build a kindergarten or a clinic or any social object – you know, it’s a Scam. The government made an unjust decision against the residents,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

Speaking at the government meeting, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko said that the construction companies were given a transition period to move to the new building codes.

“I want to inform you that the order can be stopped, and the introduction of the GOS is impossible,” he said.

Earlier, the Kyiv district administrative court suspended the order of Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services, which is approved by the state building code “Planning and development of territories”.

Zubko said that such actions by the court attack on the reform. The Ministry has prepared a petition for annulment of the suspension of the order.

One of the major changes in the state building code in “Layout and development of territories” is the introduction of “blue” and “green” lines. The “blue” line limit high-rise building, “green” – the development of green areas in settlements.

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