Group Antitila in the new clip showed a nuclear explosion in the Carpathians

Группа Антитіла в новом клипе показала атомный взрыв в Карпатах

In the Internet appeared the video of the musical groups “Antitila” for the song “Seize the day”. Together with the musicians in the video withdrew their families. In particular, we found the wife of the frontman of the band Taras poplars singer Alyosha, who represented Ukraine at “Eurovision-2010”. The video is posted on Yоutube-channel team.

Initially, the artists had planned to withdraw such a large clip in the Studio. However, when he developed his concept, came the idea of Hiking in the mountains. “When I first heard this idea, it became clear that history will give a true relationship between people. Because the campaign does not go with the villains in the campaign go with people you can rely on, and especially if it is a difficult campaign,” – said the leader of the group.

Video shooting lasted for 10 days. This is the most expensive clip in the history of the band. During the creation of the video film crew of 20 people went up the river Black Cheremosh river, in the border area of Romania. This route is considered one of the most difficult in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

As noted in the team, the main message of the video calls to value human relationships, without which people cannot survive on Earth.

In autumn the band “Antitila” plans to release their sixth album Hello. And next year the group will hold a concert tour in Ukraine.

As previously reported, released the video for collaborative song of Montica and Nadia Dorofeeva “Deep…”

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