Group Fontaliza introduced the song Frmo Ruhi

Группа Fontaliza представила песню Фірмові рухи

Ukrainian rock band Fontaliza introduced the song “Frmom Ruhi” is the second single from the album, which will be released in the fall. The author of the text was the group’s frontman Paul Halachev and music team members created together.

The track was recorded in underground conditions in Kiev Obolon, and its first riff was created in the program for a smartphone. According to Paul Halacheva, the idea arose from the desire to create a track with elements of reggae. “We like to explore new musical genres and styles, to introduce them to the sound Fontaliza. Don’t know, of course, where do you lead us these experiments, but what is happening with our music we are now is very inspiring. The song “Frmom Ruhi” perfectly captures our summer mood, which we want to share with our listener. And we don’t want summer to leave. So we call him on bis”, – said Paul.

The author of a lyric video for the song was the guitarist Yuri Halachev. “The first demo of this song was done in the program “garage band” on the phone. Ignat (the bass player) then started to use this program for the accumulation of material. And then one day in rehearsal, then the weather was lousy, Ignat showed us their success in the music mix via phone. In one demo we heard an interesting riff and decided to develop it. For then, as all: debate, discussion, compromise, and the result was a great song,” he shared the story of the creation of the track Yuri.

Recall debuti single from the forthcoming album the band Fontaliza introduced in April. The song is called “Pauline rock-n-roll”. In summer the band took part in several major Ukrainian festivals, among which the Atlas Weekend and “Fine city”.

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