Group Hamerman snimu vruci will act at the Odessa art Museum

Группа Хамерман знищує віруси выступит в Одесском художественном музее

Punk band “Hamerman snimu wrose” planned a concert in the Odessa art Museum. About this on his page in Facebook said the Director of the Museum, the artist Alexander Roitburd.

The show will be held today, August 20, Serebryakovsky hall. Before the performance Roitburd wrote in the social network: “Hamerman” one of the most powerful alternative projects in Ukrainian music. Albert Zurenko – an old friend of mine, a doctor, a journalist, intellectual, alternative, culture, family-oriented, and even (pass secret information) Church-going Orthodox”.

Head of the Museum warned that during the concert from the stage might sound like a profanity. However, he added: “the responsibility I personally and if something is unacceptable, is ready to retire. But censorship out of fear of not pleasing the bigots I enter is not intended. I didn’t make my life defending the freedom of creativity to base fearing provocations to wipe out his biography”.

We will remind, in June the Duo “Hamerman snimu wrose” held a concert in Ivano-Frankivsk the festival “Porto-Franco”. The musicians took to the stage in the Nude. After that, the mayor proposed to consecrate the hall, which was made by the group. In addition, the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on the fact of hooliganism group at this festival.

As previously reported, Roitburd was appointed head of Odessa art Museum in March of this year. The competition for the position took place with the scandal.

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