Group of Happy people having fun at the Villa in the video for the song Salted caramel

Группа Счастливые люди развлеклась на вилле в клипе на песню Соленая карамель

The “Happy people” released a music video for the song “Salted caramel”. The video appeared on the YouTube channel of the team.

The video heroes sang and danced in a Villa in Jurmala. In addition to the musicians of the group in the music video also starred model Elina Bloomberg and actress Natalia Kudryashova. Last year received at the Venice film festival prize for his role in the Russian film “the Man who surprised everyone”. The video was directed by Asya Nikolaeva, previously collaborated with Sergei Babkin, Dima Bilan and other famous artists.

The track “Salted caramel” is the band’s debut album “Dadaism”, which was released in April. The team of “Happy people” takes their music to a fictional genre of crypto-pop.

As previously reported, the band TIK was invited to the video for the song “Sliva a” prima ballerina of the National Opera house, and the rock band “Antitila”, introduced music videos to the soundtrack to domestic Comedy, “I, you, he, she”.

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