Group Panivalkova released a dance video for the song Supergt

Группа Panivalkova выпустила танцевальный клип на песню Суперхіт

The Panivalkova posted on its official Youtube channel a music video for the song “Supergt”. This song was recorded in conjunction with the artist Morphom.

The video was shot 16 people of different age, nationality and occupation. Only some of them were professional dancers. They were divided into four groups, marked by different colors, shapes and rhythms.

It is noted that all the actors of the video was improvised on the set. The creators of the music video, headed by Director Nachi Keith gave everyone the opportunity to move as he wanted in that moment.

“Among the actors of the video was the singer Nazgul Shukaeva, known for her eclectic, experimental approach to music, mixture of jazz and ethnic elements, colorful characters and performances. This is the man who understands music as a way of bringing people of different Nations, and it is always a” – say in the group.

When writing this composition was used as electronic beats and synths, and body percussion (claps, clicks, slaps and other sounds which creates the human body). In addition, there is sounds of solo cello, performed by Denis Karachentsov.

As previously reported, the singer Sergey Babkin, together with his wife Snezana submitted a video for the song “Write me”.

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