Group Silver looking for a satisfactory desires

Группа  Серебро  ищет  удовлетворителя желаний

The “Silver” looking for a “peeping desires”
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The “silver” girls are not shy, neither on the stage nor backstage.Photo: Evgeny GUSEV.

Girls from the sexy trio (“VIA Gra”-then broke up), formed in 2006, the Russian music producer Maxim Fadeev and a member of the musical project “Factory of stars” by Elena Temnikova, Frank not only in its videos, but in dealing with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

About the new party

Now trumpeted to the ends that the “Silver” looking for a new member. But what about this say the girls:

– We are looking for a man who travels the world with you and meets all your needs. Such “satisfactory desires.” This can be both a man and a woman. About the fact that we are looking at a group new member, we hear for the first time. But seriously, our producer Maxim Fadeev is so smart and wise person, if he decided that we need someone, then you need to. Importantly, this man was talented and honest.

About erotic embarrassment to the “New will”

Once on the “New wave” Olga went on stage without pants, – says the singer Elena Temnikova. – This was one of our first performances in Jurmala, and we were very worried. Went out to the street and forgot her pants. We had to change already near the stage at the performance, and she realized with horror that the pants there! And then we are very strict in the images was – white shirt, black jacket. Our Director went out into the street with wild eyes and finally found a woman who agreed to remove themselves leggings! She was in shock, but still gave them.

About children’s fantasy

– I wanted to sing from childhood, – says Elena Temnikova. But it was so deep a dream that I was afraid of someone to talk about it. And if not for Max Fadeev, I wouldn’t be, I would not sing. And if I ever stop working MAKS Fadeev, I’m not going to sing.

And still I since the childhood wanted to marry a teacher. And, honestly, with great respect to teachers. I appeal to all the children that take care of their teachers! And I appeal to the government to raise wages ten times! I say this as an accomplished teacher. Because I am a teacher of Russian language. But the school did not work.