Group TNMK mounted the clip for the song Friend of novina from the film Robot and the energy of the Universe

Группа ТНМК смонтировала клип на песню Друга новина из кадров фильма Бобот и энергия Вселенной

The staff Dance On the Congo Square released a music video for the song “Another new thing”. It became the soundtrack to the Ukrainian adventure film Maxim Xindy “Bobot and energy of the Universe.” The video appeared on the official YouTube page of the group.

Clip edited from scenes of the film “Robot and energy of the Universe.” It does not appear the musicians. Instead, the song takes one of the minor heroines of the tape, which belongs to the clan of scavengers. The latter, according to the film, opposed to animated transformer boxes and trying to take over the world. Suddenly, in the center of this conflict is a 12-year-old boy Vadik – the main character. The tape was released on August 30.

A film composer has performed soloist feat Oleg “faggot” Mihaluca. We will remind, last year he released the soundtrack to another Ukrainian film “Guard Outpost”. In the picture, he sang the song “Mantra”, and also played a bit part time.

As previously reported, the group KADNAY presented the music video for the song “Lullaby”, in which the main role was played by actress Katerina Molchanova.

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