Group Yuko presented a short film by the Spanish Director with his own soundtrack

Группа Yuko представила короткометражку испанского режиссера с собственным саундтреком

The Yuko presented the short film, Colera Spanish Director Erica Moreno with their own music.

The collaboration was established six years ago in the framework of Kyiv international short film festival (KISFF), where Stas Korolev and Julia Yurina participated in the draft Sound & Vision. The Ukrainian artists presented live musical accompaniment to the films.

“Before, we didn’t have to sound films, and it was a new interesting challenge. Of all the options we chose Colera. We are hooked on the plot and realization, and the song Dievochky, which was nearing completion, resonated with the film,” – said the musicians.

It is noted that all this time Yuko tried to contact Moreno to jointly release a new version of the film, but to make contact with him failed. So the musicians self-released version of the film with his music.

Group Yuko is Yulia Yurina and Stas Korolev, who met in 2016 on the show “Golos Krainy”, then on the initiative of coach Ivan Dorn came together to create their music – a synthesis of folk and wild electronics. The first known group brought Masha the single, released in February 2017. In the fall of 2017 released full-length album under the name Ditch.

As previously reported, the band Yuko has recorded a song with DJ Diplo and singer MØ.

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