Groysman said that he will propose to Parliament to strengthen the powers of the Prime Minister of Ukraine

Гройсман заявил, что предложит парламенту усилить полномочия премьер-министра Украины

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that he will ask Parliament to strengthen his powers. He said this during the Hour of questions to the government on 9 November, the broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I want to say, as the Prime Minister and the government, we have not enough powers. So temporarily, you might consider it. I will make changes to the law on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on strengthening the powers of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. If you support it, I for three months – responsibly – will make Ukraine a real order,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

According to the information portal “Word and Business”, Groysman completed 49% of his promises.

Note, the powers of the Prime Minister regulates article 42 of the law on the Cabinet of Ministers. In accordance with it the head of government directs the work of the Cabinet, in particular, coordinates the activities of members of the government, other Central Executive bodies, local state administrations. He brings to the Parliament a proposal on the appointment of members of the Cabinet of Ministers (except foreign Ministers and defense), head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, Committee on TB, the Chairman of the state property Fund of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister suggested that the government candidates for the posts of heads of city state administrations and on making representations to the President on the appointment or dismissal of heads of gorgosadministratsii. He can offer to create, reorganize or abolish the Ministry or another Central Executive authority.

The head of government forms the agenda of the meetings of the Cabinet, convene such meetings and preside over them; signs acts of the Cabinet and the General agreement, in some cases, holds the signature acts of the President.

The Prime Minister represents the government in relations with other bodies, enterprises and institutions in Ukraine or abroad, sign international treaties.

The Prime Minister introduced the government’s proposals for the approval of the chairmen of joint intergovernmental commissions on cooperation, established in accordance with international treaties. It can charge to open disciplinary proceedings against Ministers and their deputies, heads of other Central bodies of Executive power and their deputies; he applies to these disciplinary sanctions.

Prime Minister of Ukraine may exercise other powers stipulated by the legislation, particularly the Constitution.

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