The guest robbed pensioner In Ternopil

1314808544-300x218A statement about the theft to the police department employees Kremenetskogo turned 45-year-old resident of one of the villages in the area. A man reported that his old mother, with whom he lives, stole 400 hryvnia. In man suspected illegal acquaintance who visited him the day before.
Law enforcement officers checked version of the applicant. And, as it turned out, his suspicions were unfounded – involved in the theft of money was 32 years odnoselchanyn.
Problems with the law of the suspect for the first time – repeatedly been convicted of property crimes. As recognized by being a guest in a friend, spied, where old housewife saves money and quietly stole them. In the hands of the villain vtrapylo 400 USD, which he quickly spent on their own needs.
On this fact openly criminal proceedings. Actions suspect qualify under Article 185 of the Criminal Code (theft).

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