Guests of the talk show the Pulse commented on Lutsenko’s statement about his resignation

Гости ток-шоу Пульс прокомментировали заявление Луценко о своей отставке

Guests of the main political talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” appreciated the activity of Yury Lutsenko on a post of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

Igor Mosiychuk, the Deputy from the Radical party:

“After he resigns, will the rating given. To speak today is to talk solely on emotions. What happened today in Parliament, I personally pulled the card, because there is a procedure according to which can be dismissed by the public Prosecutor”.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from “Oppositional block” Yury Miroshnichenko:

“I would say not about personalities, but about the situation in the country. It is unsatisfactory”.

Public figure Ilya Kiva:

“In this case, Yuri V. is one of the main components of the entire law enforcement structure in our country, and the present chaos in the country, lawlessness, indiscriminate killing, terror, violence, fear – this is the evaluation of all law enforcement agencies. And what could it be? Zero.”

The Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories Yury Grimchak:

“I have the highest rating because, in my opinion, for the first time in many years there is no conflict between the security forces and traditional, the interior Ministry, the SBU and the GPU. In principle, today the main task – 3+”.

Ex-Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun:

“As well – 3+”.

The former head of the Donetsk CAA Paul by zherbivsky:

“I’m not going to rate. Make evaluation after the person has completed his term. Today I am convinced that the resignation of Lutsenko will not, and in fact hardly is appropriate and necessary to evaluate”.

The People’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko:

“I want to evaluate the results. If we compare the results of the GPU under the leadership of Lutsenko and his predecessors, then it has positive results – tens of billions of hryvnia returned to the state budget, which was not in one of its predecessor, a large number of state ownership, the largest number of representations on the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity. Therefore, the system of “pass/fail” I put “test”. I think a 5-point scale for the Ukrainian policy is not suitable, only “pass” or “fail”. Fives we have no one”.

MP, Chairman of the party “national body” Andrey Biletsky:

“As the attorney General? It seems the same as the previous one, unfortunately. When Yuri Lutsenko was the speaker and opposition, that everything was fine and he gave me sympathy. As the attorney General? Let the “3” stop it.”

As reported, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on Tuesday, November 6, from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada announced his resignation. It happened during a report of the security forces regarding the investigation of the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk.

Earlier, Parliament has called for the administration of law enforcement agencies to report on the investigation into the death of Catherine Gandzyuk.

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