Guillaume Gallienne, his wife and his son have suffered from his fame Gala


A break for him, but, above all, for his family. Guillaume Gallienne has revealed that his wife and son had sometimes badly his reputation – enough to motivate a little more willingness to go into exile in the United States during the next few months.

The notoriety has sometimes unexpected effects. If Guillaume Gallienne may be prepared to impact the success of Guillaume and the boys at the table, this was not the case of his family, as he reveals in Paris Match. “This has been difficult for my wife and my son, “he says. Because, when I was shopping with my kid, the people I approached as if we knew each other. After a while one plays as a character instead of being yourself. This is what Proust said of the duchesse de Guermantes : “She lit her gaze for the entire evening “. To force lighting for the whole evening, there are moments where my wife and my son needed to bring me back among the living.


A little overwhelmed by his own celebrity, Guillaume Gallienne has decided to take a break – for the well-being of his ego, and for that of his wife and his son. He left for the United States, where he will become a teacher for part of the year. It will obviously be with his family. “As a staff, the six months that happen are for my wife, my son and my students, he says. After, I have a film project that is called Up at the theatre, so if I write, I write. But this is not the first idea.” The rest first !

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Guillaume Gallienne

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