Guys from Lviv fought with the Nazis in the new trailer for the Comedy the Noble vagrants

Парни из Львова подрались с нацистами в новом трейлере комедии Благородные бродяги

Published trailer of the musical Comedy “Noble hobo”, which tells the story of Lviv batyars who had to save the world. The video appeared on the Youtube channel of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie.

The story unfolds in Lviv in 1938-39. Guys Mirek and Bodya live by the motto “Love lions, women and jokes”. Once they have become guardians of girls Christi, which was left a complete orphan. Soon after that, she begin to pursue simultaneously the Nazis and the representatives of the NKVD.

The authors of the tape describe its genre as a musical-Comedy. The soundtrack to the film was written by the group “Brothers Haduki”, “The Vyo” and Ray Band.

In the film, played by Yuriy Khvostenko, Irina Grisak, Ivan Sharan, Pavlo Kruzhnov, Ksenia Nikolaeva, Oleg Primogenov and others.

Directed by Alexander Berezan and producer – Dmitry Kravchenko. The film’s budget was 37 million. Film rental starts on September 27.

As previously reported, during the autumn will also be released Ukrainian films “When the trees are falling”, “Hero of my time” and “a Crazy wedding”.

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