Hackers “have improved” is a popular computer program

Hackers have altered a Microsoft computer program and turned it into a blackmailer. This refers to the service for editing videos Windows Movie Maker. Website ESET reports that at the beginning of this year, Microsoft stopped supporting the program and blocked it for download on the relevant website.


As it turned out, the service is still in trend. This took advantage of hackers. They offer users a working version of the program, but not free, as did the manufacturer. The “modernized” version is required for their installation is almost 30 dollars – five cents.

Despite the fact that this version of the program is the creation of the attackers, the search engines when ranking give her in the first position, which increases the risk of falling into the trap of uninformed users.

To avoid this, since IT will suggest to download content from official sites. If the support of the program producer is completed, before loading the outdated version you need to install antivirusnik. To download a recommended app on the developer site, and in any case should not knowingly pay for free content.