Haiti: continuation of deadly clashes in anti-government protests

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New clashes between police and protesters resulted in at least one death Wednesday in Port-au-Prince, the seventh day of a protest anti-government in the streets of the main cities of Haiti, bringing to seven the number of people killed since the protests began.

A young man was killed in the after-noon, found an AFP journalist, to a few tens of meters of the offices of the presidency, which access was blocked by the forces of law and order to large amounts of tear gas.

A haitian journalist was wounded by a bullet to the arm in a street in the centre of the capital during a shootout between police and a group of protesters, according to an AFP journalist on the spot.

The confrontations between the police and young people, predominantly from working class neighborhoods, have been violent. From A distance, the two groups are extensively sent and re-launched stones and tear gas grenades.

On the outskirts of the largest of Haiti, where the crowd has finished its course, some looting have referred to the surrounding businesses.

“A popular uprising”

“This is an uprising of the people: Haitians occupy the streets therefore, it is clear that Jovenel (Moses, the president-editor’s NOTE) has no other choice than to tender his resignation,” said Prophet Hilaire, one of the protesters, while the procession passed by in a relative calm across the capital.

“A government that cannot provide food and water to his people to resign but it is also necessary that the bourgeoisie decides to no longer hogging all the wealth because we, we are more on the side of the popular neighborhoods,” warned the protester.

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Haiti is diving from the 7 February in a deep political crisis. The activities of the country are paralyzed by popular protests in the major cities, often bristling with barricades.

Tuesday, 78 inmates from a prison of Aquin, a small town on the south coast, escaped, in favor of an anti-government demonstration that was taking place nearby, according to witnesses. An investigation must determine the exact circumstances of the escape spectacular.

Popular anger crystallized around the person of Jovenel Moses, in power for two years.

The president remains walled up in the silence, as protesters accuse him of not having kept his promises to “eat in all the plates and money in pockets” and have contributed to the worsening of poverty. The inflation exceeds 15% for two years.

Popular frustration has been exacerbated by the publication, in late January, a report from the superior Court of auditors on the management calamitous and the possible misappropriation of nearly US $ 2 billion from the Petrocaribe fund, a program of assistance provided to Haiti by Venezuela since 2008.

A dozen former ministers and senior civil servants are pinned. A company run at the time by Jovenel Moses, identified as the beneficiary of funds for a construction project of a road without a signed contract.

In the Face of the deterioration of the situation in Haiti, the u.s. State department ordered on Tuesday all the children of the diplomatic staff of the us embassy of the United States to leave the territory. The department of State’s “approved” also the departure of american personnel non-essential.