Half of the passenger trains ride without a ticket, so commuter transportation unprofitable, – Omeljan

Половина пассажиров электричек ездит без билетов, поэтому пригородные перевозки убыточны, - Омелян

Due to the fact that half of the passenger trains ride without a ticket, suburban transportations are unprofitable. This was at the briefing said the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, reports 112.ua.

“Really, the only unprofitable type of transport which is in “Ukrzaliznytsya”, is a commuter transportation. The loss ratio is formed of two reasons – that the cost of commuter traffic is regulated only with the consent of local authorities. Thereby, such consent not to give, they want to keep the lowest price, and we now we reach the absurd when on the bus go more than by train” – he said.

The second reason are those who do not pay the fare. “Secondly, there are a lot of riders. According to estimates most Railways, at least half of the people who use the trains, do not pay any money for the fare,” said he.

In addition, Omeljan called the problem of the absence in Ukraine of its own production trains.

Recall, “Ukrzaliznytsya” reported on the damage in the cars, which allowed passengers. For six months in high-speed trains were damaged almost 600 buttons in the passenger seat, more Cup holders 80 and about 240 folding tables.

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