Harrison Ford will star in the film adaptation of the novel of Jack London call of the wild

Харрисон Форд снимется в экранизации романа Джека Лондона Зов предков

Famous actor Harrison Ford (“Star wars,” “Indiana Jones”) will play a major role in the new film adaptation of the novel of Jack London “call of the wild”, according to THR.

Adaptation will deal with Studio 20th Century Fox.

The script will write the nominee “Oscar” Michael green (“Logan”), and will be directed by Chris Sanders.

About the release date of the picture is not reported.

Novel by Jack London was first published in 1903. The action of the book takes place in Canada during the gold rush. Then the demand for large and powerful dogs were particularly high. The main character — a dog Buck brought from the cattle Rancho in California, falls into the harsh reality of life of a sled dog. The novel talks about the difficulties encountered by Buck, trying to survive despite the harsh treatment of the owners, the cruelty of the dogs and the harshness of nature. In the end, it leaves people running wild and becomes the leader of a pack of wolves.

As previously reported, the release of the new movie “Indiana Jones” was postponed for a year.

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