Harvey Weinstein was forcing actresses to wear the clothes of his wife

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Harvey Weinstein – People at the party Vanity Fair in the margin of the ceremony of the Oscar 2017 in Los Angeles on February 26, 2017.

The producer, referred to by accusations of harassment and sexual assault, was ready to do anything to help the business of his wife, Georgina Chapman.

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In 2004, Georgina Chapman created the brand, haute couture Marchesa. That same year, she met a certain Harvey Weinstein, who was to become her husband and with whom she has two children now aged 7 and 4 years old. The famous producer, it is also well known to be very close to Anna Wintour, will greatly assist his wife in the ascent of the house Marchesa, on dressing some protected from the Weinstein Company.

To help his wife, Harvey Weinstein was obviously capable of anything, even to threaten an actress to ruin his career if she wore the Marchesa during big media events. Thus, in 2005, he forced Felicity Huffman to bear the mark of his wife, without which it would withdraw the many greenbacks that it had spent to finance the film Transamerica. The actress of Desperate Housewives will run in wearing such a beautiful dress Marchesa at the Golden Globes, where she was doubly named (for the series and the movie), where she glanera a prize for the best actress in a drama.

Same topo or almost for Sienna Miller, one of the most faithful of the house Marchesa. In 2007, the young brit turns in Factory Girl and, when Golden Globes, he forces to wear an outfit of his sweetheart, adding that it would be “very disappointed if she was not wearing a dress by Marchesa”. Understand that this would not be without consequence. So as to comply with the demand, finally, this is only a dress…

No star will never want to wear this brand again

Except that here, if Marchesa has become a claw, a must, she suffers behind the scenes, its detractors arguing that the mark should not his success to the connections and actions of Harvey Weinstein. Stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, and Halle Berry have worn Marchesa in recent years.

Today, the house is in danger. “No star will never want to wear this brand again”, believed a fashion journalist in new york city. As several people have called to boycott the brand. In contrast, on Instagram, the negative comments are quickly deleted, only remain the messages of support, including from the creator Zac Posen.

Georgina Chapman, who announced her separation from Harvey Weinstein, has held his coast, to be free of all responsibility. “My heart is broken at the thought of all these women who have experienced enormous suffering because of these actions unforgivable. I chose to leave my husband,” wrote the designer and a business woman in its press release.

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