Has 9 years old, he is applying for the post of protection Officer planetary

The various science-fiction movies about aliens and space have once again created a longing in a young boy. Jack, aged nine years, decided it was perfect for the job almost single proposed by NASA in early August 2017 : the job of Planetary Protection Officeror protection Officer planetary in French.

It has, therefore, as any person who applies for a job, sent a letter of motivation. NASA responded to him.

A “Guardian of the Galaxy” is applying to NASA

The adventures of Chris Pratt in the role of Star-Lord had to really impress Jack, who is himself called ” the guardians of the Galaxy “. And it is with this title that he has quite naturally been postulated to offer protection Officer planetary NASA : who better than a Guardian of the Galaxy can protect the planet Earth and the other planets known and unknown ?

In a letter sent to the u.s. space agency, he detailed his skills, explaining that his sister said that he is an ” alien “that he has watched a lot of movies on space, the series Marvel : Agents of SHIELD , and he is talented in video games. But the argument the most striking is undoubtedly the following : “I’m young so I can learn things like an alien “. Unstoppable.

When 4th grader and self-proclaimed ?Guardian of the Galaxy?, Jack wrote to us about applying for a job, we replied https://t.co/932pj3Q50B pic.twitter.com/RhcGdnzGAw

— NASA (@NASA) August 4, 2017

NASA responds but does not retain the candidate

As often, NASA took the opportunity to make a small buzz on the social networks, while having fun at the little Jack. The u.s. space agency, and, more particularly, James L. Green, Director of the Department of Planetary Sciences, has thus responded to the young Guardian of the Galaxy, explaining to him that it was less a question of a fight with shots from laser pistols to “protect the Land of the tiny microbes, when we bring samples from the Moon, asteroids or Mars ” and to protect the other planets from human contamination.

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Jack does not become yet the protection Officer planetary that he dreams of being. In any case, not all of the following : “We are always in search of future brilliant scientists and engineers to help us, so I hope that you are going to study a lot and be good at school. We hope to see you here at Nasa, one of these days! “concluded the letter from NASA.

  • NASA is looking for a “defender of the Earth” against the aliens
  • NASA has a keen interest in solar energy
  • NASA wants to create colorful clouds
  • No, NASA has not found alien

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