Hat’s off to the 36th Festival western de Guigues

Sunday afternoon, a few minutes before the sky dims again, the event chair, Manon Plant, had the smile of those who have the feeling of the work done. This 36th edition was all in all took place smoothly, with an average of 20 000 visitors.

Absorbed by the barrel racing, this young spectator, seemed equally impressed that captivated.

TC Media – Lucie Charest

“We had a lovely 36th edition, is welcomed. We had rain, but never at crucial moments. The grandstands were full for the rodeo on Saturday night. There were new disciplines, new competitors, with the tour of the ring, the rescue, the exchange of riders. This innovation has allowed it to attract new competitors.” Interestingly, more and more riders témiscamiens are part of this rodeo Saturday night. Believe in Billy Larochelle, James Morin, William Arpin.
“We occupy in our world”
Beyond the various competitions, the Western Festival has been organising a variety of activities to keep people busy while waiting for the competitions. For example, the last two years a large line-dancing takes place outside. Better, over the past fifteen years, line dancing lessons are even offered on-site during the day.
“For us, it is important to look after our world, until the big shows in the evening, said Ms Plant. We we hope for, is that people are happy to be here on the day also, they don’t spend their time to wait for the evening. It organizes a rally, it invites them to visit the house, Breen.”
Balance sheet
On Friday morning, the organizing committee had noted a slight drop in ridership in the shooting competition of horses. “We have a little fewer visitors than the same time last year, said the president, Manon Plant, but it is still very good. Just yesterday evening, for the show of Guylaine Tanguay, there were more than 1500 people, the equivalent of a Saturday night.”
In the morning, Friday, the Festival team western has installed a large tent for the orchestra outside. The day before, 11 teams had participated in the shooting competition of horses. Bertrand Mercier, Mont-Brun, and his team of horses have won the 1st place in the shooting competitions of horses with a load of 14 200-pound Jean-Guy Descôteaux of Béarn, was closely followed.
From Tuesday to Sunday around 20 000 people were finally circulated on the website of the event. Which in the end looks similar to the previous years as goodwill. According to Ms Plant, the secret of this continued success is based on several factors : take care of the visitors, offering them of novelty, and make up the party with shows like Guylaine Tanguay and the tribute to Garth Brooks.
“At the level of the rodeo, in the past year, it was “bull fighting” novelty, this year it was the turn of a ring, she pointed out. If you don’t propose again, maybe the audience would have the impression that it’s always the same thing they see and they lasseraient. And this is not what you want. I can tell you that we are already working to prepare a nice surprise for next year.”
On Sunday afternoon, as the sky is noircissait, Ms. Plant, multiplies the calls in a closed circuit. Here, the commentator, Yves Bertrand invites, spectators sitting in the grandstands to go to take shelter in the dressing room before the storm broke. There, the riders réajustent their hat. And the party continues! The cow boys were not afraid of storms, the organizing committee and spectators.

We we hope for, is that people are happy to be here on the day also, they don’t spend their time to wait for the evening.

Manon Plant

Be the chairman of the western Festival, it is also to multiply the calls to his team members when the sky darkens suddenly, talk to Manon Plant.

TC Media – Lucie Charest

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