HBO will release the series the Wife of a time traveler based on the book Audrey Niffenegger

HBO снимет сериал Жена путешественника во времени на основе книги Одри Ниффенеггер

HBO plans to shoot a new series “Wife of the time traveler” based on the book Audrey Niffenegger, writes THR.

Adaptation of the script will handle Steven Moffat (“Sherlock”, “Doctor Who”).

“I read the book Audrey many years ago and instantly fell in love. One of the series of Doctor Who (The Girl In The Fireplace), I wrote as a direct response to this novel. When in the next novel, Audrey wrote, as one of the characters is watching this series, I realized that she understood. All these years I was waiting for the chance to adapt the novel, and that’s a dream come true,” said Moffat.

Note that the 2009 “the Wife of a time traveler” is adapted for big screens – starring starred Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. Bana played the librarian Henry with a strange disease that causes him to involuntarily travel through time. He was lucky to meet Claire (McAdams), who became his wife despite the fact that Henry hardly able to keep the same time and place as his wife.

As previously reported, Apple will release the series based on the movie “time Bandits” by Terry Gilliam.

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