He has sex with his dog, and published the video on the internet

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A man from Florida has been accused of animal cruelty after having circulated on the internet a video where he is seen having sex with his siberian husky.

According to WFLA, the investigation began on 25 January last.

It is a citizen living in another State, who first contacted the animal services Pinellas county, Florida, about pictures and videos of a man having sexual contact with a dog. The information was subsequently forwarded to the office of the sheriff.

The material published on the internet showed a man dressed in a black suit and a white that had sex with a siberian husky.

Detectives have obtained copies of the photos and videos. Through various investigative techniques, they were able to associate the equipment to Christian Nichols, age 21.

Last Monday, investigators met with Nichols in his home. He confessed that he had made the video and was shared on the web.

The young man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

The dog was taken in charge by the animal services Pinellas county.

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