Most health care Cherkasy no transparency in attracting donations

In Cherkassy city council does not have an exhaustive list of entities over which control is no charity at Ford Cherkassy hospitals.

A sociological study conducted by “Institute of Analysis and Advocacy” (IAA) showed that most residents of Cherkasy – 91.11% – would like to know where to go the money they pay in cash to charitable health care facilities. Experts IAA applied directly to the management of hospitals Cherkassy to learn about the real scope and mechanisms involved donations and their distribution. It was found that the majority of health care in the regional center not even talking about the transparency of reporting.

According to official information, on site 2 of 5 medical facilities m. Cherkasy, where the survey are charitable organizations that collect contributions from citizens. The combination of funds raised in. Cherkasy through such charities according to health care is more than 4.5 million, governments put the number at 3.8 million. No cooperation agreements charities and medical institutions in the city. Cherkassy not, as rental contracts for the operation of the fund. Institution-record collected nearly half of the total donations – more than 2 million.

During the investigation experts’ Institute of Analysis and Advocacy “faced with the contradictions between the official information from health care institutions and local governments on the volume of donations. In particular, the management of Health of the City Council did not even know about the fact of charities and have full range of non-governmental organizations – legal entities. This is confirmed by the isolation and the lack of any control of local authorities for cooperation charities and hospitals.

The question is: where such ignorance of local government in the real situation of foundations?

The Stopru